It’s the place God allures us. The place where He speaks to us in our pain.

He comforts us.

It’s the place where we are refined. Pressed. Molded. Conformed more and more into His image. It’s the place where we see His daily provision.


Just enough for that day. No more. No less. It’s the place where we find ourselves empty.

Emptying of our own wills and desires.


The place where we find ourselves prostrate on our floor crying out to God because we know that He alone is our Comfort. Our Defender. Our Counselor. It’s the place we see our Red Sea part so we can walk through on dry ground, confident that the waters will not overtake us.


It’s the place where in our human frailty we find ourselves occasionally forgetting the seemingly unforgettable moments of His supernatural faithfulness. It’s the place where we run back into His arms in repentance. Confessing our doubts and unbelief.

Yes, the wilderness.

It’s the place He allures us to. The place where we know that He holds our hearts in His hands, gently molding, yet firmly pressing us until our broken hearts are made whole and pointed toward Him.


It’s the place where the bitter waters of our soul are healed. Turned into sweet refreshing waters quenching the longings and unmet desires. An unending spring of healing, hope and grace.


 It’s the place where we are forever changed. The place where our pain is proven to have purpose. The place where His light shines in the darkness revealing to us His Truth. Where His Spirit dwells and we grow to know Him as not just our Maker, but as our Husband who meets our every need.

A new song.

It’s the place where hope becomes our song. The place where He replaces our spirit of heaviness with the garment of praise. It’s the place where we see His glory rising up from the ashes now turned into beauty.

The Promised Land.

It’s the place we are made whole and set free. Free to love. Free from condemnation and shame. The place where His Spirit is released in us so we can be who HE created us to be. Bringing Him glory as walk in who we are in Christ and in His purpose.

Yes, forever free!

Shelly Brown