When I have no words Lord, hear my heart …

No matter what genre of music you enjoy, this testimony and song by Sheri Easter is deeply profound and relatable!

My favorite part of her testimony is, “There’s no way to pretty-up cancer. There’s no way to pretty-up the difficult times of your life. But there is the peace of knowing that He hears what’s inside.”

She shares how when she was diagnosed with cancer. She became very quiet. As a writer, it was the first time she couldn’t find the words that described what was in her heart. She’d sit down and with great frustration look at the blank paper, unable to put words to paper.

Now, I wouldn’t consider myself by any means a prolific writer. But, I’ve spent many hours of my life writing for Blogs and magazines, with the ultimate goal of publishing three different non-fiction books. But, the last couple of years I’ve found myself like Sheri Easter. Sitting, staring at a blank canvas, unable to write what is in my heart. At least, no words that make any sense.

I’ve found myself retreating and just sitting in the quiet, sharing my heart only to my Heavenly Father. The only One who is fully acquainted with my grief, pain, loss, betrayal, and uncertainty. And, it’s in these moments that words have been quite illusive, to the point where all I can muster is, “Lord, I have no words right now, so please hear my heart.”

Listen for a moment as Sheri shares about how her pain caused her voice to be silenced for a season. Though it was out of this season that she found the words to express what so many of us have at one time or another experienced.

“Sometimes I feel no one’s ever been in this place before. This is hard and I’m not sure I can do this anymore … but Lord, I need you to know just how I feel…”

More Valuable Than Diamonds

file9411244999123Imagine walking through the wilderness stumbling on natural diamonds. Most of us would ignorantly walk over them and perhaps even kick them down the path, treating them as mere clumps of dirt. Having no clue as to their value and how exquisitely they would look if they were polished and expertly cut.

Aside from being a girl’s best friend, a diamond’s value is not based on what it can do, because the reality is, a diamond is an inanimate object and can do nothing for anyone.

It’s value is based solely on what someone is willing to pay for it.

I have some great news for you today! YOU and I are worth far more than all the diamonds this universe can contain. God paid a higher price than all the wealth that a million years could bring. 

He gave His Son, Jesus to have a LOVE relationship with you and me!

HE ALONE determines your value.

Your husband does not determine your value.

Your ex-husband does not determine your value.

Your family does not determine your value.

Your friends (or lack of friends) do not determine your value.

Your employer (or ex-employer) does not determine your value.

When you have experienced rejection, abuse or abandonment, it’s easy to put your value into the hands of those who hurt you. But, like the one stumbling through the wilderness, ignorantly stumbling over natural diamonds, they could not possibly know your worth.

Paul says in Ephesians 3:18 that Christ’s love for us “passes all knowledge.” In other words, Christ’s love for us is so extravagant and so deep that there is no possible way we could fully comprehend His love. This love is the love that led Jesus to leave the majesty of heaven, to become a man of sorrows. To be reviled and persecuted. To be put to death in the most shameful manner on a cross. Who could possibly comprehend that?

No other time in the past or in the future would any love compare to that.

Back to Ephesians 3, Paul was praying for the Church of Ephesus that they would be rooted and ground in Christ’s love and that if they could simply grasp how loved they are that they would experience the fullness of God.

When the enemy whispers in your ear that you are unloved or worthless, immediately capture the thought and replace it with the Truth of God’s Word. “I AM LOVED WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE!” Write it on an index card. Carry it with you!

Oh that we would could catch even a glimpse of the breadth, and length and depth and height of God’s love for us! When we do we are FOREVER CHANGED!