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Shelly believes that God’s Word is TRUTH that TRANSFORMS. We experience true victory and spirit-filled power when we choose to walk in the Truth of our inheritance. All of Shelly’s messages point women to the cross (where healing and hope are found). Every message is prepared with the purpose of encouraging women into a deeper, genuine, more intimate and lasting relationship with their Heavenly Father.


Transformed & Renewed – Based on Romans 12:2 & Ephesians 3 – This message is a life transforming message. The word “renewing” in Romans 12:2 means “renovate.” We’ll journey through a renovation of the mind, tearing down and cleaning out the old while ensuring that there is a solid foundation to rebuild and replace the old, to walk in the love and fullness of God.

The Wrestling Match: Essentials to a changed life – Based on Genesis 32, this is a ringside glimpse into the greatest wrestling match of all time: Jacob vs Jehovah. Shelly carefully shares her life story of tragic loss, abandonment, abuse and rejection as she identifies with Jacob’s life- long attempts to create his own destiny. Jacob’s life was forever changed when he finally went from struggling to clinging to God with all of His strength. Jacob went down to the river that night, a liar, cheater and a bit of a con man, but he emerged as Israel, the Father of a Great Nation. God’s desire is for us to emerge as daughters who choose to walk in Truth, victory and the power of His love.

What’s so Abundant about LIFE? Based on John 10:10 this message talks about how much God loves and treasures His creation in that Christ came so that we might experience abundant life, here and now, on earth. Filled with truths from God’s Word and moving personal stories, this is a practical, biblical message with five key steps that if applied will forever change your life.

The Church Lady: Based on Luke 10:38-42 – Being busy at church may just mean you are really busy… This message takes a look at the original “church lady” Martha and explores authentic Christian living: Realizing that maturity in Christ is not about doing more or attaining some level of perfection, it’s about a constant pursuit of Christ and abiding in Him even in the midst of our failures and weaknesses …

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