A Glimpse into Shelly’s Story

Part One ... If it doesn't have PURPOSE, God will allow it to pass over us!

Part Two - An unexpected wilderness journey that led Shelly into healing & freedom!

10 thoughts on “A Glimpse into Shelly’s Story”

  1. Shelly,
    God is amazing…He is using you to bring me hope and I realized that my problems are nothing compare what other person is going thru at this moment. What a wonderful God we have!

  2. I knew part of your story, I am blessed to hear the rest. I am thankful you see the purpose, God’s purpose and how He will use your pain to help others. He uses you daily to encourage others. I believe there is so much more to come. Love you very much. Blessed to be counted a friend and sister!

  3. Shelly, your story continues to touch others! God uses everything, especially the things that hurt us most. You have been through more than anyone should ever have to but I can see how our Father is restoring you day by day.
    I love you, sweet friend!!

  4. Shelly…sitting here with tears running down my face. You are amazing! I have no other words but that I love you……just think of the time we will have in heaven!! Until He brings us home we will share our lives with those who need to hear the hope and the truth and the story of His love! ♥

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