God Never Wastes Our Pain and Sorrow

June 1st is the most significant date that forever changed the course of my life. One month before my 6th birthday … my mom died. It was a tragic, and most unexpected day. And, since I was not given the opportunity to naturally grieve her loss, as the years have gone on, it’s the one day that I sort of give myself permission to “go there.” To acknowledge the void that her loss left in my life, and linger a bit on her memory. And then … June 5th comes along. It was the 2nd most significant day that forever changed the course of my life. It was 1) the day of my mom’s funeral; 2) her 32nd birthday; 3) The day I was officially an orphan, as my dad said his final good-byes, never to be heard from again. And … though there’s much more to my story (it got worse before it got better) …

The amazing part is that my God is a redemptive God! There’s not one part of my story that God has not redeemed. God never, ever wastes our pain and sorrow! For those who love HIM, He promises to work ALL things together for GOOD. And all things means, ALL THINGS. Our circumstances. Our pain. Tragedies. Even our own sinful choices. If we’ll repent, and yield to Him, He will literally overrule the “THINGS” and turn them into something good! LITERALLY, y’all!! I am proof of that promise.

It’s about yielding to Him. Dying to ourself, our desires, and our deepest longings. Allowing Him access to the deepest wounds of our soul so that He can heal and make us whole. As our Creator, He alone knows how to put the pieces of our heart back together. When we put Him on the throne of our lives, making Him Lord over every part of our hearts and minds we will fulfill our unique purpose as we become the women and men that He created us to be before He ever knit together in our mother’s womb!

(RE: Romans 8:28; Ephesians 2:10) 

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