2 thoughts on “One of our most powerful strategies against the enemy …

  1. Deborah Sewell

    I am always encouraged by your videos, Shelly. I learned this important lesson while being verbally abused for years. I needed to learn the truth of my identity in Christ to fight the lies. We must learn the Word, then believe the Word! It may be a workout (so sorry to mention that word) but it is imperative to our spiritual health! Please keep the videos coming! Love you!

    1. Shelly Brown Post author

      YOU encourage me!! And I laughed out loud when I read “It may be a workout (so sorry to mention that word)…” 🙂 It really is a workout at times! Yet, it’s kinda like someone who goes to the gym or runs miles every day vs someone like moi self, whom hasn’t worked out in … umm … let’s just say … a LONG time. I may not work out physically, but … those spiritual muscles are growing. And the enemy, while relentless, and crafty, doesn’t stand a chance. He loses! The battle is real. But he LOSES!! Or should I say … he’s already LOST! What he’s stolen, I’m taking back in the Name of Jesus!


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