What a Week it’s Been!

The Lord is Near Broken HeartThis has been quite a week for me!

The scab was torn off a wound that was well on its way to being healed. The wound …  a deep, re-opened mess. And I was bleeding. Badly.

For two years I’ve grieved. Processed. Talked it through with God. Talked things through with my best friend. Surrendered. Dripped mascara stained tears onto the pages of my precious Bible. Forgave. Laid on my face before God. Processed some more. Dripped more mascara stained tears. Then forgave … again. Grieved some more. Lamented. Surrendered again. Let go. A process that would be repeated over and over … and over again.

It’s the Shelly Brown process of healing. 🙂

But it works.

Yet now, here I sit, working again trying to stop the bleeding.

I realized this week how vulnerable we are to the enemy (the father of lies), when we feel so deeply wounded. We are so busy tending to the bleeding, that our minds become a raging battlefield. The energies we so diligently used to guard our hearts and minds are now diverted to simply keeping our head above water, while we nurse the hurt and replay over and over in our mind, the scenes that brought us back to this painful place.

My healing won’t take as long this time, as this was merely a set back. The enemies’ fiery darts hit some vulnerable and exposed areas of my heart and mind. But, he didn’t win! I’ll do what I’ve done over the last couple of years …

Process. Pour out my heart to God. Cry. Grieve. Talk it through with my godly best friend. Saturate my mind with Truth from God’s Word. Surrender. Let go. And forgive. Then … repeat, over and over … and over again, until the only evidence there was ever a painful wound is the scar, a beautiful scar. My beautiful reminder of how there is nothing too broken for God’s healing power.

Dig deeper: Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard our hearts (minds) with all diligence because out of our hearts flows all the issues of life. 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 offers a very simple blueprint for guarding our hearts and minds.

2 thoughts on “What a Week it’s Been!

  1. Joyce Watson

    I know saying “I am sorry for what you are experiencing is just not enough” and I don’t pretend to understand everything either…May God pour out His love and fill your heart. Hugs and Prayers for you.

    Broken people are motivated to serve others and to be sure others needs are met before their own.
    Broken people are humbled by how much they have to learn.
    Broken people are more conscious of their own spiritual need than anyone else’s.
    Broken people aren’t overly concerned with who knows or who finds out about their sin_they are willing to be exposed because they have nothing to lose.
    Broken people walk in the light and acknowledge the truth about their lives. ~Nancy Leigh DeMoss

    Jesus kept his scars…because God hears and understands our pain and even absorbs it into Himself-He kept those scars as a lasting image of wounded humanity. The pain of man has become the pain of God.

    Trusting God will surround you with His peace. love you in Christ

  2. Donna Fagerstrom

    My Precious Shelly,
    The phrase that keeps coming to my mind is “you are never too broken.” It grieves me that you have to walk this hard road again. It grieves me that it seems the wrong people win…but you my sister friend are the victorious one. We know how the story will end with Jesus one day. You are His treasure, His beloved daughter, His princess. You are a beautiful women of God who has walked this journey with such godliness and integrity. God will honor you in due time. I’m so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished in spite of the painful journey you’ve been placed on because of others choices. You are beautiful beyond measure and I am so proud of you my friend.


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